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Suzuki Baleno _  Interior_  Blog Header_ Sep 2022With the truth of the price of a tank of petrol now, R500-R1000 now not will get you as a lot petrol because it used to. The actual surprise will not be on the pump however what it in reality prices in line with kilometre travelled. It is very important know this to your automobile and methods to mitigate this price.

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The method of calculating your exact price in line with kilometre isn’t sophisticated and the solution may well be a trademark your automobile isn’t operating optimally.

If you are taking the gap travelled and divide that by way of 100 then multiply the end result by way of the gas intake (l/100 km) after which multiply that by way of the present gas value you’re going to arrive at the price of gas for the adventure. Divide that by way of the gap and you have got the fee in line with kilometre.

As an example: If I have been to go back and forth from Port Shepstone to Johannesburg this is a distance of 682 kilometres. The usage of a Suzuki Swift 1.2 GA as my shipping, the mentioned intake is 4,9 l/100 km. Then again, to permit for roadworks and a few visitors we will be able to err at the aspect of warning and make that 5,4 l/100 km. The present value of 95 octane gas on the coast is R23.38.

So, our calculation looks as if this:

Distance divided by way of 100:                     682/100        = 6,82

That end result multiplied by way of l/100km:       6,82 x 5,4     = 36,82

Multiply that by way of the gas value             36,82 x 21,09 = R776,53 (gas spend for the adventure)

And, divide the gas price by way of distance   776,53/682    = R1,13 in line with kilometre

Take into accout, on this instance, when you’re making the go back adventure the gas price will likely be rather upper – the associated fee on the pump in Johannesburg being R21,84.

Any other instance – this time with the gas value at R25 a litre, intake at 6,5 l/100 km and 300 km go back and forth:

Distance divided by way of 100:                      300/100        = 3,00

That end result multiplied by way of l/100km:       3,00 x 6,5     = 19,5

Multiply that by way of the gas value             19,5 x 25,00  = R487,50 (gas spend for the adventure)

And, divide the gas price by way of distance   487,50/300    = R1,62 in line with kilometre

You’ll be able to additionally employ Suzuki’s personal price estimator: https://www.suzukiauto.co.za/fuel-efficiency-calculator 

With gas costs on a runaway upward trajectory, it is very important stay a notice of your exact gas intake. Employ the onboard laptop and observe it on a tank-to-tank foundation. In case your intake is so much upper than the producer mentioned moderate then:

  1. Chances are you’ll want to trade your using taste.
  2. Your automobile is also in dire want of a complete provider.

There are methods of bringing down your intake and eking out each conceivable kilometre from every fill and a few easy pointers are:

  1. Plan your adventure. This doesn’t follow most effective to lengthy trips. This implies taking the shortest path to do what you want to. Don’t move to ‘A’ after which back down to ‘B’ sooner than going previous ‘A’ to vacation spot ‘C’.
  2. Boost up gently and make allowance the auto to building up pace with the least conceivable effort.
  3. Take away issues you do not want each day (eg golfing golf equipment) from the boot – added weight equals extra gas used.
  4. Be certain that your tyres are appropriately inflated. Underinflated tyres create drag and this affects intake.
  5. Carrier your automobile often in line with the producer’s suggestions.

You’ll be able to in finding further fuel-saving pointers right here:

With the cost of Brent Crude edging $117 a barrel, your pockets will recognize the whole lot you do to minimise gas utilization.

Doing a easy calculation gives you the gas price in line with kilometre and can be utilized to assist within the general technique of using extra conservatively in a quest to maximize the gas performance of your automobile.

Understanding what your gas prices in cents in line with kilometre is a straightforward calculation and will assist as you attempt to preserve gas. Use our gas performance calculator now.

Fuel Efficiency Calculator