June 15, 2024
Automotive 18

In a Horoscope, Fourth household is termed Vahana Sthana(Posture of vehicle). Venus is the earth of Pleasure, Luxurious, so normally Venus results in being the karaka (significator) for the Car. Mars signifies the structural element of the Automobile as Mars would symbolize steel, engineering, device etc. The perform of the vehicle or a Car is to transport men and women, or conveyance. Transportation is the use of the motor vehicle. Mercury is the world connected with transportation, brief length journey, Communication and many others. so Mercury also desires to be viewed as whilst obtaining or marketing a motor vehicle.

Benefic component on the 4th residence, 4th lord, or Venus would be incredibly beneficial for the obtain of a car or truck when the favorable key dasa or sub dasa is managing, or even by a superior world transit more than the 4th home. The association of the benefic world could be by element or conjunction.

You should make certain these planets are in direct motion through the time you are buying a car or truck. That is the 4th lord, Venus and Mercury. If people planets are troubled, the structural and the purposeful facet of the car would be severely influenced in the long term. The Ascendant at the time of obtaining the car or truck is also very important to take into consideration. It should be cost-free from afflictions as perfectly. Who gains from a sale no matter if the seller or the consumer etc can also be viewed from the positioning of these planets involved at the time of Obtain.

For a great final result, remember to make positive the Venus, Mercury and your 4th lord in the horoscope are perfectly positioned!