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[This article is neither intended to extol nor defame Tiger Woods. It is offered simply as a means of relating his personal numbers in his numerology chart with the events and circumstances of his life and destiny to further the understanding of numerology as a science].

In Part 1 of “Tiger Woods, Why?” we talked over the challenges of enjoy and intercourse as they relate to the numbers 5 and 6. In Aspect 2 we tackled the figures 1, 8 and 9 as they relate to principles of energy, fame, good results and moi. In this posting we will clarify how the numbers 7 and 8 perform a big position in the strategy of “lacking wiring” in the Tiger Woods Saga.

In numerology there are nine standard quantities: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9. These 9 single ciphers characterize the composite “wiring” of the particular person. Each individual number, as a wire, manifests particular characteristics and characteristics (identified as keywords and phrases or essential phrases). Across these “wires” move the power which makes it possible for the specific to run as a conscious residing getting. When an individual’s comprehensive natal title homes all of the single figures, his wiring is total and his ability to operate as a balanced, harmonious and functionally built-in human currently being are enhanced. When a selection or figures are lacking in the chart, the wiring is incomplete and the individual’s chances of living a entire, full and productive daily life are compromised.

Voids are lacking wires in the beginning identify. They are significant problematic gamers in the future of an unique. Merely mentioned, voids produce troubles the a lot more voids, the additional probable problems. Additionally, if a void is situated in a Challenge place in the numerology chart, its issues intensify in the spot affiliated with its traits and attributes for the time the void is energetic in the chart. If the void not only takes place in a Obstacle position but also does not occupy one of the seven parts of the Primary Matrix, it will become a Grand Voided Problem and its problematic status produces havoc for the personal during the time body in which the void takes place.

Believe of an auto and its framework. It is stuffed with all sorts of wires which send mechanical or electrical signals to its many areas thus allowing the motor vehicle to run smoothly and effectively. For case in point, presume the ignition program has no wiring. The car couldn’t begin even if the remainder of the car’s wiring had been total. Probably the ignition method is in tact but there are no break lines from the brake pedal to the wheels. The auto will not be ready to cease even if it gets shifting. If there is no wiring from the steering column to the front end wheel assembly, the auto may well be equipped to start, it may well be equipped to go, it may perhaps be capable to quit but it would not be ready to turn. Of course then, an automobile’s wiring method is crucial to its health and fitness, integration and functionability. Devoid of all of the wiring in tact, an automobile may well not only be inefficient but unsafe… to alone and some others.

So it is with individuals. If their wiring is complete, their life and happiness will be perhaps enhanced. If their wiring is lacking, they will be missing, their life manifesting challenges and triggering likely disruption to themselves and other people. Numerology “wires” are determined by numbers and their corresponding letters as depicted in the pursuing chart.

A-J-S: 1
B-K-T: 2
C-L-U: 3
D-M-V: 4
E-N-W: 5
F-O-X: 6
G-P-Y: 7
H-Q-Z: 8
I & R: 9

Tiger Woods, who was born “Eldrick Tont Woods” on 30 December 1975, has no Gs, Ps or Ys in his delivery name. This gives him a 7 void. He also has no Hs, Qs or Zs which give him an 8 void. Furthermore, he has no 7s or 8s in the Primary Matrix of his numerology chart. This condition helps make each range a Grand Void. In addition, Tiger’s chart manifests a double 8 void in the Challenge facet of his chart, so making a Grand Voided Challenge. In layman’s conditions, all this void composition results in quite demanding times for Tiger Woods which will tax both the internal and external features of his existence.

The 7 Void
In numerology, the range 7 policies all items internal – the thoughts and spirit. This includes the depth of assumed or lack of it [the opposite side of its energetic coin] knowledge and foolishness nobility and ignobility chaos and relaxed purity and impurity adulteration and sanctification saints and sinners analysis, reflection, evaluation, evaluation, reclusion, economic downturn, privateness and secrecy.

It is this 7 void which has negatively impacted Woods’ capability to evaluate, study and examine his steps properly. Typically talking, a 7 void manifests as a absence of depth of believed, an absence of wisdom. This is not generally the situation, however, as sometimes a human being with a 7 void will perform tough to fill up the void positively. Also, other variables in the chart may well offset or mitigate destructive 7 potentials. This said, with the mix of Tiger’s 1, 5, 6 and 9 vitality of self, moi, sensual stimulation, variety, love and ability [see article Parts 1 and 2], it is understandable that the 7 void in his chart performed alone out as a whole lack of considered and wisdom which ended up overpowered by his moi, sexual and sensual energies. In effect, the “wiring” is lacking concerning Tiger’s depth of thought and his steps.

The 8 Void
In numerology, the amount 8 procedures all factors exterior. 8 is the strength of relationship and its reverse polarity, disconnection. It is the most potent social amount of the alpha-numeric spectrum [the single numbers One through Nine]. 8 also rules management, administration, internet marketing, coordination, orchestration, continuity, commerce, execution, worldly comfort and ease and a perception of being ‘in the loop.’

With an 8 Grand Voided Obstacle in his numerology chart, there exists a deep disconnect in Woods amongst his personal and public lifetime, concerning the promotion of his healthful spouse and children-man graphic and his libidinous menagerie of mistresses. This sort of hypocrisy has been potentially the most disturbing aspect of the Woods Saga. In some ways, it is really a great deal like the Bernie Madoff scandal. He also had fooled and deceived numerous individuals and his disconnect last but not least caught up with him and disconnected him not only from his fortune but his flexibility. Madoff also had a 7 and 8 void in his chart but his voids were being equally Grand Voided Difficulties and thus a lot more significant. Far too, Madoff, like Woods, had the 33-6 grasp range current as the identifier of his needs, needs and desires, and the figures 1 and 9 dominate in his Problem positions as perfectly. The 1 and 9 rule moi and electricity – the identical energies plaguing Woods. Madoff, like Woods, duped many people today but his was surely much more criminal, bilking folks out of around sixty-five billion pounds with absolutely no remorse for his steps or the immense catastrophic impact it had on the people today he deceived and destroyed.

The two Madoff and Woods specific serious egos and electrical power bases and courtroom an serious disconnect to what is thought of regular truth. As much as Woods is anxious, how could he interact in such a myriad of sexual relationships with complete disregard not only for his have overall health and perfectly-being but a lot more grievously for that of his spouse and youngsters? The sexually transmitted ailment problems are tremendous, not to mention the psychological, psychological, familial, money and social implications. What was he pondering? And this is the root of the trouble. He wasn’t contemplating. Possibly that or he just failed to have the depth of imagined to make a connection between his actions and how all those actions could and would negatively have an affect on his wife, small children, their potential, the rest of his family, the PGA, his fans, sponsors, the public in typical and his have lifetime and accomplishment. Surely, he couldn’t have been blind to his worldwide iconic graphic, popularity and hero position. Or could he? Did his 1 and 9 ability blend delude him into imagining for the reason that he was the great Tiger Woods that he would escape detection or accountability? This is a best example of a 7-8 void mix, a full disconnect between himself and some others, but a powerful connection to his very own needs, as reflected by the dominating combination of 1 [ego/self] and 9 [power] strength in his chart.

If Tiger Woods in the long run displays some genuine penitence and humility, it will be a beneficial transfer in the suitable way for him. The crucial in his rehabilitation will be to fill these voids of the 7 and 8 with wisdom as nicely as loving, not lusting, administration of his personal daily life. It will never be uncomplicated, and he will have to exercising excessive willpower, self-manage and strength of will to negate the destructive outcomes of these voids, not to mention controlling the damage that has been accomplished to so several lives, as perfectly as the rebuilding of his private life. You engage in, you shell out, is the age-old declaring, and often the payback is severe, brutal and catastrophic. This sort of is karma.

The total Tiger Woods Saga has definitely been shocking, sad and extremely agonizing, in particular for his spouse and loved ones. In thing to consider of their collective properly-being, we desire all of them a sense of balance and harmony so they may well shift earlier this heartbreaking ordeal and finally guide harmonious and constructive lives.


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