June 15, 2024
Automotive 15

When I taught mathematics at the university level for 16 decades, I understood that a single of the axioms of math to be that any new principle had to be capable to solution any concerns place to.

I create my content articles and blogs as a direct confrontation with what I phone all those who espouse Scientific Quantum Physics. I obstacle them to response any and all questions pertaining to their theories of chaos, randomness and primarily the big bang principle.

I questioned them many periods “who place all that energy into the huge ball they explained went bang?” No solutions only blank stares.

But let’s communicate about “The All” or what is now identified as the Quantum Ocean. In Non secular Quantum Physics I contact the Quantum Ocean the Thoughts of God. This is where everything that was, is or ever will be exists and has usually existed.

We stay, shift and have our currently being within just the Head of God and use the Quantum Ocean to generate, with our thoughts, what we as folks need for our unique existence.

Humanity which is part of that slim layer of organic existence that exists on the floor of the world Earth. Is just one small packet of vitality within the infinite electricity program named the Quantum Ocean.

Humanity is, mathematically talking a subset vitality in the infinite strength set known as the Thoughts of God. There are quite a few, lots of other subsets of strength that male has developed and used to enable him search for answers for his existence.

There is a subset identified as “The Occult.” Occult simply just implies hidden or mystery. A excellent offer of the infinite knowledge contained in this subset was hidden from the common person, till now.

Now we are in the Age of Aquarius the place all factors will be produced identified to enable mankind increase their degree of consciousness to a greater stage.

Within just this subset called “The Occult” are much more subsets identified as: the science of Astrology tarot kabala runes alchemy hermetics magic numerology, and many others.

All energy tools utilized by gentleman which abstracted from the Quantum Ocean to enable him in his comprehension of the Laws of His Existence.

Why has not one particular scientist espousing the Huge Bag Concept and the principle of Chaos dealt with any of these topics? They are aspect of the ALL which male is also element of. You can not thoroughly fully grasp the subset referred to as humanity until you comprehend humanity’s subsets.

Whether or not they believe this or not does not alter the fact that they exist in the Quantum Ocean, Head of God.

If guy is to actually research guy and the creation of person than all the things have to be taken into thing to consider and not just all those number of decided on topics picked out by researchers and spiritual leaders.

A single of my learned lecturers once advised me that to genuinely examine and learn about something you ought to understand its part, its total and its romantic relationship involving the pieces and the whole.

If you want to comprehend an auto you must research its sections, its total and the connection concerning its areas and its total. You have to review its areas brakes, steering wheel and fuel pedal. Then review the physique of the entire motor vehicle. Then recognize how the parts perform in romantic relationship to the whole. The brakes end the car. The gasoline pedal moves the motor vehicle. The steering wheel directs the car or truck. Now you can fully understand the motor vehicle.

Spiritual Quantum Physics can and does explain the elements, the complete and the marriage of male to his creator. This clarifies all. Even his wandering into occultism.

We as unique souls are the pieces the full is the Quantum Ocean, Thoughts of God and the connection is that we are living, go and have our becoming in just the Mind of God and assist him co-develop the ALL of fact all close to us.