June 15, 2024
BMW Alpina D4 S G26 Gran Coupe Diesel 03

The BMW Alpina D4 S Gran Coupé has a super-rare aggregate of static, dynamic, rational and subjective qualities the likes of which you handiest in finding in automobiles constructed for uncompromising pace, potency, luxurious, desirability and driving force enchantment. Vehicles that simply don’t take no for a solution.

The D4 S’s diesel six is commendably easy and quiet, with that superb tidal surge of available torque proper underneath your toe. It’s great to hear; it assists in keeping revving past 4000rpm when you wish to have it to; and it makes for a near-two-tonne BMW with considerable real-world tempo.

And but the best popularity I will pay to this enormous powertrain is to notice that, at a UK-typical 65-75mph toll road cruising pace, it is going to go back 53mpg – and canopy 650 miles on its 59-litre tank. It is a 168mph automobile, let’s no longer disregard, able to 62mph from relaxation in not up to 5.0sec. At quicker German autobahn cruising speeds of 120-140mph, it’s affordable to believe that it could nonetheless do 35mpg and come up with 400 miles between refills; at speeds at which an an identical petrol efficiency saloon would possibly handiest be doing 20mpg and an EV – just about any EV, in point of fact – would drain its battery flat inside 80 miles.

BMW Alpina D4 S G26 Gran Coupe Diesel 03

BMW Alpina D4s Gran Coupee (8)

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