May 19, 2024
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Hyster forklifts are created and distributed by an American enterprise NACCO resources handling Group. They have dealers all all-around the environment, Adaptalift is at present the Australian soledealer for the new Hyster Forklift assortment.

The Hyster DX forklift variety came out just after theHyster XM variety of forklifts, starting from 1998 via to 2006. The Hyster DX forklift assortment was outdated by the Hyster TX range of forklift.

The Hyster 2.00 – H3.00 X – DX forklift range where made at NMHG’s Japanese centered plant, and imported into the Australian market place. Design and style wise they in which a enormous soar forward from the XM selection.

Hyster forklifts goal with these vans wherever to make a forklift that would outperform and outlast their nearest price competitor which was the Toyota 7 sequence vary.

Some fundamental improvements from the XM variety

Support intervals – The place enhanced up to 3000 hrs among plan companies, which permitted for the Stop user to have a preserving in routine maintenance costs.

Warranty – the introduced a 3 yr guarantee choice, while common was still the 1200hour s12 month, their 3 calendar year guarantee was raise to 3 yr 3600 hrs (circumstances did apply).

Hyster Parts assure – now this is the place it gets tricks, they usually experienced a Woolworth s guarantee for their components, if you uncovered a Hyster part somewhere else cheaper they would beat it by 10%. All excellent to guarantee it, not guaranteed actually how typically a little something like this would get utilized, as its frequently crisis breakdowns that aid needing most forklift parts.

Facet access panels – They modified their motor bay entry to contain swing away facet panels and ahead tilting bonnets, which authorized for a higher entry for the technician that experienced to assistance the forklift.

Flooring panels – They also bundled raise away floor panels,which when you use the side access panels, you get terrific unrestricted obtain to the motor and push practice. Experts are likely to enjoy this, as forklifts are notoriously difficult to do the job on.

Steering – The hydrostatic steering has been all-around for awhile, but Hyster redesigned this with 40% fewer serviced elements.

Dash – The dash was redesigned with a steel end in brain, allowing for for a wonderful have on and durability.

Taxi mounting – The driver cab is suspended on the chassis at 4 factors and with the steel axle rubber block mounts. effects in a rather comfy journey and does extend the element daily life due to vibration and road shock, also serving to the operators with back difficulties.

Operator Cabin Structure

Hyster Forklifts undoubtedly transformed their run cabin sufficient to detect the big difference in between the Xm’s and the DX’s.

Hyster have a several unique matters about them, with the operator hydraulic features staying standard subsequent to the seat, as nicely as the monotrol pedals, which enables for direction and acceleration in the 1 pedal. A word to the smart the monotrol pedals can take a bit of getting use to, We’re not genuinely enthusiasts of it, but when operators get employed to it, they adore it.

Instrument panel

There actually just isn’t anything at all new right here with all the normal matters integrated, this sort of as. Gauges for hour meter coolant temperature and fuel, warning lights, cost circuit, engine oil strain, auto transmission oil temperature, fasten seat belt, glow plug and gas sediment Diesel only. with Air limitations, brake fluid stage and low coolant warning lights becoming optional.

The steering Column also tilts to accommodate the operator posture, they involved a larger sized nonslip side methods in the body.


They had rather a number of possibilities to opt for from, if your now on the lookout at them 2nd hand, its truly worth popping the hood as well see what is under there.

Normally they came in twp options LPG or Diesel, it would be very uncommon to come across petrol or duel gas possibility with these forklifts

The LPG /petrol motor choices

Mazda M4-2.0G engine or the Mazda M4-2.2 G engine.

The Diesel engine selections

Mazda M4-2.5D motor or the M4-3.0G engine.

Optional Products

Hyster forklifts frequently give you a large amount of optional extra’s to look at, Hyster Dx vary were no distinct, so just double look at what you are wanting at if you are obtaining a Second hand Hyster DX forklift.

Integral sideshift carriage – This sorts of integral mounted sideshift carriages permitted for a larger capacity and decreased over-all truck duration.

Seat – the Sears Lo-rider semi suspension seat

Wheels – They also provide a twin wheel choice. If you are wanting at a 2nd hand selection, don’t fret just communicate to your neighborhood forklift dealer about having a aftermarket package fitted.

Tyres – Ex manufacturing unit they arrived with Pneumatics but you could also get good Puncture proof tyres, or non marking eco-friendly or white tyres.

Cooling procedure, anti plugging – A beefed up copper tube and fin radiator.

Manual Transmission – This was available but we are inclined to wager, none came into Australia

Levers – there where pretty a several options below to consider, currently being hand/foot controls for Forward/Reverse Levers, hand controls with manual transmission.

Mild and warning devices – A comprehensive light-weight and warning package selection was also integrated,

Climate Go over – Rain protections, include things like windscreen and wiper, rear and facet curtains with roll-up and tiip-up kind.

Exhaust and air process – a vertical exhaust or twin features

Valve and hosing – its typical with 2 valves, but can operate 4 valves, extremely effortlessly. Allowing for for a large amount of excess extras on the forklift, these as drive pull attachments.

This variety of forklift was a bread and butter assortment for Hyster, bought into and all around the Asia pacific location. Involving 1998 and 2007, eventually currently being changed by the TX array. The common retail selling price new was any place between $25 000 and $35 000, relying on what selections you wherever on the lookout at.

You can obtain a employed Hyster Dx Forklift for any in which amongst $5 000 – $15 000 all over again depending on ailment and age. Getting a Mazda engine, its really straightforward to come across elements for servicing and upkeep. As a 2nd hand selection these forklifts are suited, to a 25 hour a week or reduced application, as they are setting up to age.

But looked after and serviced consistently, you really should have them final for many years to appear. so converse to your nearby seller if your re interested in purchasing a 2nd hand Hyster DX forklift.

Examples of Hyster forklift for sale

2001 Hyster H2.50DX

2000 Hyster H2.50DX