July 23, 2024
Mercedes-AMG GT within the final pre-launch exams

Mercedes is intensively checking out the second one era Mercedes-AMG GT which debuts in 2023 at the new MSA platform evolved by means of AMG and used within the new SL. The release Version 1 model will reportedly function a hard and fast rear spoiler.

Picture: video seize on Youtube Automobile Secret agent Media

Mercedes is intensively checking out the second one era Mercedes-AMG GT which shall be introduced in a couple of months. It’s going to be introduced completely in coupe model and shall be situated above the SL. We think the brand new Mercedes-AMG GT shall be lighter, extra sportier and

Footage taken of the model on the front of the Nurburgring racetrack display the 2 pairs of oblong exhaust pipes and a sticky label at the rear bumber that might cover the charging port. This may well be the AMG GT 63 S E Efficiency model however there can also be a traditional V8 powered AMG GT 63 model which can function additionally the oblong exhaust pipes.

The smaller model, the AMG GT 55, will nonetheless have a V8 engine just like the AMG SL 55 however the two pairs of exhaust pipes shall be oval and no longer oblong. For the reason that new AMG GT shall be situated upper than the SL, we think the 2 V8 variations to have rather extra energy. Thus, the V8 within the AMG GT 63 can have round 600 hp or extra in comparison to 585 hp within the SL 63 and the AMG GT 55 can have round 500 hp in comparison to 476 hp within the SL 55. The MSA platform additionally helps 4- and 6-cylinder engines however we don’t assume Mercedes will be offering the AMG GT with a 4-cylinder model.

The brand new Mercedes-AMG GT will get advantages just like the AMG SL from lively anti-roll bars and integral steerage and we think it to be lighter than the AMG SL. There are rumors that the release Version 1 model may have mounted rear spoiler but it surely is still noticed because the AMG SL has handiest movable rear spoiler which shall be provide at the AMG GT 63 and 55.