June 15, 2024
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To improve the belt on a write-up world war 2 Kirby vacuum, you have to offer with a at times bewildering system named the belt lifter. You also have to offer with this when eliminating the nozzle to use the hose, carpet shampooer, or other attachment. To use a different head(nozzle) or hose on the Kirby motor device, or improve the belt, you have to get rid of the head from the rest of the vacuum. WARNING! Usually unplug any electrical appliance just before performing on.

To remove the nozzle, very first lift up the headlight. Then convert the belt lifter (the factor on the front that can transform about 3/4 of a convert) counter clockwise as considerably as it will go. This must choose the belt up off of the motor shaft. On many Kirbys some arrows expressing belt off will line up. Some brown versions In the early 70s had a window in the belt lifter that would say belt off. Now you can unlatch the latch on the key physique that holds the nozzle. This is ideal in the center about the leading of the nozzle. You can now just take the nozzle off. If you glance within the hole in the back, you must see that the steel hook within is at the leading, and the belt is hooked to it. This is how it need to search when you are prepared to set the nozzle back again on. If you are putting the hose or an additional head on, I propose turning the belt lifter back to the belt on place, so that you aren’t stretching the belt.

If you want to use the hose, hook the bottom of the hose conclude powering the minimal shaft underneath the motor shaft on the main unit, tilt it up, and latch it at the best. If the minor shaft is not centered (equivalent quantity of shaft sticking out on every single side), tap it carefully until it is centered.

Belts stretch out and slip, especially in thick carpet. The real Kirby belt for machines designed since 1981 has a tread on the within, to support decrease slippage. Also equipment created since the mid 80s have experienced a eco-friendly LED on major of the edge of the nozzle that lights up when the brush is turning at a excellent speed. If you have an more mature equipment (or your environmentally friendly gentle mechanism is broken), we propose transforming belts routinely each 3 to 6 months, as they will extend. If your gentle is lit up when you happen to be using the device at the suitable height adjustment, then your belt is sufficient.

With the nozzle off the equipment, as described earlier, to change the belt, change the belt lifter to belt on if you haven’t all all set. Then take away the base plate. On machines right before the G (G collection are Technology 3, 4, 5, 6, supreme G, Top G Diamond, and Sentria) series (which came out in late 1989) the brush will be connected to the bottom plate. Cautiously pry a person conclusion out, clear away the belt, slip a new belt more than the brush, and reinsert brush into base plate. The screw heads need to deal with the base so you can regulate them. On G sequence kirbys, the brush is in the nozzle rather than the bottom plate. There is a number 1, 2 or 3 experiencing out, there are also 1, 2, or 3 notches on the square close. The very same range ought to be struggling with out on both sides when you reinstall. Slice off any hair. Put base plate back again(some had latches, some just thrust in). Push the brush up. Put a straight edge across the base. The bristles, when pointing down, should dangle down previous the straight edge the thickness of a coin. On a G sequence device 1 places the the very least bristle down. As the brush wears and not enough bristle hangs down, you place the 2s experiencing the bottom, if it however just isn’t enough, the 3s. On the older models, you adjust the screws until a coin thickness of bristle hangs down below the base plate.

IF you took the full brush out to clean it far more completely, which conclude goes in which is important. The bristles angle so that, as the brush turns from front to back, the dust will go to the heart. One stop is even bigger than the other so it should be not possible to place it in wrong. BUT, if another person taken off the ends to clean up the bearings and reversed them when they put them on, then the brush will never go appropriate. Also, on the pre G series brushes, the significant finish can be compelled into the smaller slot, while it tears up the finish. Also, on machines soon after the mid 80s, there is a magnet at just one conclude of the brush that induces a recent in a coil of wire that lights a minimal inexperienced LED on the nozzle. If the magnet is not at the end the place the coil & LED are, somethings improper. The finishes can be eradicated and switched to make it right. IF you decide to remove the finishes to clean the bearings, do it 1 conclude at a time and substitute it just before getting rid of the other close.

Then, when you are completely ready to place it again on, transform the belt lifter to the belt off posture, making sure it has grabbed the belt (you can see it via the gap in the back). Then hook the nozzle about the shaft (creating confident shaft is centered, see paragraph 3) under the motor pulley on the main unit, tilt it back, and latch it, just as you unlatched it. Then flip the belt lifter to the belt on placement. This really should drop the belt on to the motor shaft, and it should really be ready to use.

The rug shampooer and the previous helpful butler attachments also have a belt lifter and hook and unhook the very same way from the front of the equipment. Leaving the belt up in the air on the hook will extend it.