June 15, 2024
hyundai xcient fuel cell truck 4862

Hyundai has introduced that its heavy-duty, hydrogen-powered XCIENT Gas Mobile truck is coming into Israel, its first Heart East marketplace, to determine a hydrogen worth chain within the area.

Hyundai Xcient Fuel Cell Truck

Hyundai Motor provided 3 XCIENT Gas Mobile vehicles to Israel as a part of a partnership between its Israeli company Colmobil, hydrogen manufacturer Bazan and hydrogen refueling station operator Sonol to shape a hydrogen worth chain in Israel. The 3 heavy-duty vehicles shall be passed over to Colmobil, Bazan and Sonol, respectively, and shall be put into industrial operations within the first quarter of 2023.

The release match happened nowadays in Tel Aviv, attended through Shmuel Harlap, Chairman of Colmobil, Asaf Almagor, CEO of Bazan, and Sonol CEO Nir Galili, CEO of Sonol.

The primary car for use for industrial operations within the Heart East is a 4×2 XCIENT Gas Mobile truck brought to Colmobil, provided with a 180-kW hydrogen gas mobile machine that may shuttle over 400 km on a unmarried rate. It’ll be used to obtain portions for Colmobil, with a day-to-day operation vary of about 330 km.

XCIENT Gas Mobile is the arena’s first heavily produced heavy-duty hydrogen electrical truck and is recently being utilized in real-world industrial operations in Germany, Switzerland, Korea and New Zealand. The 47 devices running in Switzerland since October 2020 have completed a cumulative mileage of over 5 million km via October this 12 months, proving the truck’s reliability. Moreover, Hyundai Motor will deploy 5 XCIENT Gas Mobile vehicles for the 2021 Focused Airshed Grants (TAG) program and 30 devices for the NorCAL ZERO mission, each within the U.S., all over the 3rd quarter of subsequent 12 months.