June 15, 2024
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The key to winning in basketball is to successfully dunk most of your balls into the basket. However, with opponents out to foil each move, you will not only need to jump higher but also jump faster so as to reach the basket even before their feet leave the ground. If you have been wondering how to increase your vertical and improve your game by leaps and bounds then instead of simply concentrating on jumping higher, make sure to launch several programs at one time to get that vertical that you always dream about.

The first program that should be initiated quickly is to embark on the right exercises that concentrate on your thigh, calf, hip, back and abdominal muscles. These are the most important muscles that should safely store energy and provide that explosive boost when you are all coiled up and ready to leap towards the hoop. Weight training in a gym is extremely important as these will help you to build strong muscles in a short time. Each exercise should concentrate more on explosive power without allowing you to bulk-up like a professional body builder as you will also need to remain lean for those vertical leaps. Exercises that only build up endurance levels should be kept to a minimum as they might simply melt those muscles away in a bid to provide you with added stamina.

Plyometric exercises, where weights can be added to your body in the form of a weighted body suit can also be useful for developing those vital muscles. You might have read several books on how to increase your vertical but unless you are willing to sweat it out with an extensive exercise program, you will not morph into a slam-dunking professional basketball player. Plyometric exercises that include jumping, skipping and hopping exercises with weights to provide resistance will help you to increase your vertical by around 10 inches if you are really serious in your program.

You will also require the right diet to lower any remaining fat while providing nutrition to your muscles. The right exercise regimen should be followed by a healthy diet filled with green vegetables, white meats, whole grains, and fruits to provide the perfect amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and healthy fat that is so crucial for healthy muscle growth. While protein shakes and multivitamins can fill any nutrition gaps within your diet. The amount of calories that you consume should also be decided on your current weight and the amount being burnt on a daily level. This will allow you to slim down or bulk up to an ideal level so as to literally fly towards that hoop.