April 24, 2024
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The BMW N47 is an inline 4-cylinder engine, which is a successor to BMW M47. You can have possibly the 1.6liter or 2.0liter variant with a horsepower of 94hp and 204hp respectively. Because this is a modern-day motor, it complies with the stringent emission expectations based on the DPF and EGR technology. This is the purpose the motor has a number of difficulties. Give down below is a description of some minor and major troubles that you may perhaps have with this motor.

Untimely Failure of the Timing Chain

In this engine, the timing chain faces extreme wear and tear, which results in untimely breakdowns. Also, the chain could collapse though you are driving the auto, which may induce significant injury to the motor vehicle. In this scenario, you may perhaps have to change the engine.

A widespread sign of a failing timing chain is the rattling sounds from the motor bottom. You can obtain this chain in between the transmission and the engine. So, altering the chain is the only remedy, which calls for either having out the entire motor or detaching the transmission.

EGR Sensor Malfunction

The purpose of the EGR technique is to aid the car fulfill strict emissions. Fundamentally, this method circulates part of the exhaust gases into the motor intake for the intent of decreasing the sum of nitrogen oxide.

Generally, this procedure malfunctions when the sensor accumulates a great deal of moot. As a end result, an escalating amount of money of exhaust air goes into the ingestion. Therefore, the warm exhaust gases may well soften down the plastic manifold. As a final result, you knowledge a sizeable reduction in improve tension.

If the EGR valve is vast open, it may perhaps lead to the buildup of soot on quite a few engine parts, these as the glow plugs, the ingestion manifold, and gasoline injectors. As a result, the airflow is lowered mainly because of the constraints. Therefore, your motor vehicle will take a although to start off in winter.

DPF Not Functioning

The purpose of DPF is to filter out diesel or soot particulate matter. Generally, it performs below superior temperatures. In addition, during quick journeys, this ingredient does not get out ample in order to clear away exhaust gases and soot. As a consequence, it brings about the accumulation of soot on numerous pieces, these types of as motor glow plugs, EGR sensor, DPF sensor and turbo.

Electrical power Steering Pump Failure

On these engines, the electric power steering is not that responsible. If you discover oil spills all over the steering oil or reservoir cap, odds are that your electric power steering pump is likely to fall short.

Oil Leakage from crankcase breather hose in Superior Temperatures

Usually, the crankcase breather hose tends to leak out less than substantial temperatures. A prevalent indicator of this difficulty is the leakage of oil from the stop of the hose. Having said that, you can take care of this difficulty by setting up a stiffer plastic hose instead of a rubber one particular.


In limited, if you are the owner of a BMW N47 and you are going through these problems, we advise that you consider your car to a mechanic instantly and have these challenges fixed. By examining this short article, you can have a better idea of these troubles. This will assist you acquire superior care of your automobile.