June 24, 2024
Simpson Hybrid Restraint Measuring Fitting

Protection How To: Measure For A Simpson Hybrid Frontal Head Restraint

Safety How To: Measure For A Simpson Hybrid Frontal Head Restraint

Frontal head and neck restraint programs are a very powerful for drivers in as of late’s race vehicles. Whether or not happening the dragstrip, round corners at the highway route, or doing land pace racing occasions, as of late’s race and boulevard vehicles are going approach too speedy to not have correct protection tools on. Sadly there may be a large number of racing that hasn’t embraced the generation up to it must, however we’ve been in reality vocal about pushing this to each and every stage of racing.

The fellows and gals at Simpson also are pushing this tech and wish to assist you to make the precise sizing and buying selections when in search of protection tools for you and your automobile.

The Hybrid Frontal Head Restraint gadget can glance complicated and that signifies that selecting a dimension is on occasion nerve-racking for racers, however it doesn’t should be. The measurements wanted are easy and on this new video from Holley they’re going to display you do it proper so you might have a relaxed and efficient setup for your journey.

Video Description:

The Simpson Hybrid Frontal Head Restraint is an ergonomically-designed head restraint gadget that restricts the helmet’s ahead motion in a crash, maintaining the pinnacle and torso in line whilst making an allowance for freedom of motion side-to-side and unrestricted imaginative and prescient. Observe alongside as we display you correctly measure for a Hybrid Frontal Head Restraint. • https://www.simpsonraceproducts.com/https://www.simpsonraceproducts.com/s…