February 27, 2024

Mike Murillo LaFawnduh Fireplace Aftermath Pt. 1: The Tear Down, What Went Flawed, And Long term Plans

Mike Murillo LaFawnduh Fire Aftermath Pt. 1: The Tear Down, What Went Wrong, And Future Plans

Ultimate week we shared the feared fireplace video from Mike Murillo Racing, the place his famed LaFawnduh Mustang burned very badly. Fortunately Mike was once dressed in protection tools and was once in a position to get out of the auto with out damage. However the automobile is now not the similar, that’s evidently. It were given actual scorching and is no doubt worse for put on. We’re simply satisfied that Mike was once ok after the hearth, and love that he and the group are sharing the rebuild procedure. There’s masses to discuss relating to what went mistaken, what’s now broken, and what it’s going to take to position again in combination.


Video Description:

We get Lafawnduh out of the trailer at our store for the primary time and begin to take her aside to be able for restore, come apply us in this adventure that can take alot of time, endurance and difficult paintings! Love the entire enthusiasts for the messages and toughen!