June 15, 2024
gesture control car

Cars have always been revolutionary assets that help transform our world into a better and more convenient place. However, these machines carry their own risks. A car can injure and even take lives without proper safety measures.

Thankfully, nowadays, our cars have numerous built-in safety features that ensure a safer and more secure trip down the road. From automatic braking to traction control, modern vehicles are becoming more and more secure at an increasingly fast pace.

The roads are a dangerous and unpredictable place. You never know what could happen next as you drive, so it’s crucial to inform yourself of the features available in your vehicle that assist in avoiding accidents down the road.

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1.   Shatter-Resistant Glass

Many people drive every day completely unaware of the fact that car windows are made of glass specifically designed to protect the occupants inside from the broken glass shards if the vehicle crashes.

Instead of breaking into large and hazardous fragments, the glass would shatter into tiny pieces incapable of wounding people inside the vehicle. This simple yet highly effective feature can dramatically reduce the chances of getting injured in a collision.

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2.   Anti-Lock Braking System

When driving somewhere, staying vigilant and having quick reaction times is crucial, and your car needs to be just as fast. In emergencies, your car must be capable of coming to a full stop to avoid any impending disasters. This is where the anti-lock braking system comes in.

This feature has been around for a long time but wasn’t as advanced. Nowadays, the anti-lock braking system brings your car to a halt in a matter of seconds, whereas the system in its early days caused the wheels to lock. As a result, the vehicle would spiral out of control and start sliding and swerving before stopping immediately.

Fortunately, this technology has become much more advanced by then, making your vehicle safer than ever before!

3.   Electronic Stability Control

Suppose you’re speeding with a car that has no stability control, and you take a turn too rough for the vehicle to manage. In this scenario, your car will most likely end up on its side or back.

However, a vehicle with that function has a better chance of surviving the ordeal by delivering power to the correct wheels to maintain control and balance and setting the car back on track.

It does so using sensors that detect the speed, motion, angle, and rotation of the wheels and the driver’s intended path. The sensors can also detect if the vehicle is skidding or swerving and apply the brakes needed to regain control of the car.

4.   Pre-Collision Technology

One of the most crucial and effective safety features, this technology plays a massive role in preventing accidents using highly advanced sensors that detect incoming vehicles and react accordingly by applying the brakes automatically.

The sensors are also capable of detecting passengers and other obstacles, which can be life-saving in situations where the driver is distracted or can’t react soon enough.

In addition to applying brakes, the car also tightens the seatbelts, aligns the airbags, and preloads the brakes to brace for impact, drastically lowering the chances of injury.

5.   Adaptive Headlights

We’ve all aware of headlights, but have you heard of adaptive ones? That’s right, even the lights on your car can be tinkered and tampered with to provide you with the safest driving experience.

Due to the limited visibility and slippery roads, traveling under dangerous weather conditions such as rain, snow, and fog proves to be highly perilous.

With adaptive headlights, however, driving gets easier as the lights function by redirecting light from the precipitation around the car, granting you improved vision and added safety!